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Understanding the “today” of Jacobo Padilla is impossible if we don’t look back and we reconsider his musical career as a task developed throughout his life, which from the beginning, absorbing and channeling new trends with, he has managed to create a unique style, personal and not transferable and a communication with his fans worthy of the highest priests of electronic music, which have been him at the top of the Canarian DJ scene. DJ, producer, this multifaceted artist, in his everyday life, is undergoing a continuous development of new creative perspectives, bringing in all of them his experience, creativity and good taste in order to provide an exquisite sound, emotional and cutting-edge trends, getting in all his projects successful results. His vision of music as a whole, makes the variety and eclecticism are present in his case, gaining processed sessions

but fluid musical combinations that for even the most open minds are almost impossible; a unique style that has allowed him to participate in the best events on the island and beyond it, as well as collaborating on numerous radio and television programs. Certainly, a great example for those who like him want to make of music a way forward.