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Six years ago I was working in a warehouse writing song lyrics on the back of invoices. Today I'm living in one of the most music-driven cities in the world, sharing my songs in bars, at colleges, in homes, on TV and at festivals. I have two names. I've lived in a bus. I'm a closet button accordion player, and I make most of my money taking advantage of overly generous drunk people. When I was a kid I wanted to write fantasy novels until I realized songwriting was less time consuming. I should have been a lawyer. I take myself way too seriously. I struggle with anxiety and I overthink everything, which is why it's taken me over 12 years to release a song. I hope my music makes you think. I hope it's relatable. I hope it inspires you, even though most of it's depressing, and I hope you listen to each of my songs several million times so I can afford to buy my mom a house someday.