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Emerging from the obscurities of Seattle, Juzo officially started his career by releasing a four-part project, titled the 'AHRS Series' on SoundCloud from 2016 to 2019. This would inevitably lead to the establishment of his own personal brand and self-conceived world ANIMACITY, drawing influences from the likes of anime, cyberpunk, and concept art.
 However, through the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, Juzo only released 3 more singles: Idols, Ultraviolet, and Joker; which he ended up archiving after much time and consideration.
 "I felt like the music I was making wasn't really me," claimed the enigmatic artist. "I was trying to gain the attention of others by having a more "trendy" sound, rather than creating what I actually enjoyed. In turn, my artistry suffered and digressed into something I no longer felt passionate about."
 Juzo then decided to take some time to focus on design work, which he is currently most known for. He also started ONSIGHT nearing the end of 2020; a media outlet dedicated towards showcasing musical creatives of all kinds, especially those who have not yet been recognized by the majority.
 After a year-long hiatus, Juzo looks to share his truths through music once again with his debut EP ANIMA 01 coming early 2021; a project that he describes as an evolution of his former self.