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Australian singer/multi-instrumentalist Carla dal Forno writes haunting, downcast tunes influenced by post-punk, dub, and ambient pop. First releasing music as part of groups like Mole House and F ingers, she made her solo debut in 2016 with the acclaimed full-length You Know What It's Like. Dal Forno co-founded Melbourne-based lo-fi trio Mole House, who released a handful of singles and cassettes between 2011 and 2013. She then formed abstract post-punk group Fingers Pty Ltd with Sam Karmel and Tarquin Manek, and the trio issued a cassette called Broken Fingers on Night People in 2013. Dal Forno and Manek also recorded more experimental material as Tarcar; Blackest Ever Black released the duo's Mince Glace EP at the end of 2014. The label also issued Hide Before Dinner, an excellent 2015 full-length by the trio, who had altered their name to F ingers. A self-released F ingers cassette titled Trilogy: They Got the Best Heart also appeared that year. By 2016, dal Forno had relocated to Berlin, and BEB released her debut solo single, "Fast Moving Cars." Full-length You Know What It's Like arrived later in the year. The four-track EP The Garden followed in 2017. Top of the Pops, a cassette EP containing covers of songs by the B-52s, Lana Del Rey, and LiLiPUT, was self-released the following year, during dal Forno's first extensive North American tour. Second full-length Look Up Sharp was issued through dal Forno's own Kallista Records in 2019. ~ Paul Simpson, Rovi