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After many years of friendship, the duo MüllerMichalke found a musical unity that deeply moves the listener. With influences from jazz, pop and world music, the two musicians tell of their very personal insights on the journey of life. Stefan Michalke, known for his painterly style of playing, manages to unite different timbres into an exciting overall composition. He makes use of the sounds of grand piano, accordion, rhodes as well as synthesizer.
 Each bar creates a gentle wave, each melody forms a soft breeze. His compositions were set to lyrics by the singer Eva Viola Müller. The dreamy poetry as well as the multifaceted voice invite to sink into other spheres - into worlds of myths, nature experiences and interpersonal relationships. In the live performances Eva Viola Müller gives the pieces a special expression not only through her voice, but also through dynamic and flowing dance interludes. In November 2020, their debut album "InSight" was released on JazzSick Records. InSight is an album that lingers in the memory and encourages the listener to pause and enjoy. „…Full of tender melancholic tones, which are poured into sparkling melodies by the protagonists with various keyboard instruments and a gentle voice. In nine original pieces, we hear an Elysian style of playing with the most diverse timbres." Jazzthetik Magazine Mar/Apr 2021 www.muellermichalke.com