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Messenger® is a 3 pc. original hard rock band with a strong message. Their sound arises from Hard Rock/Heavy Metal/Progressive Rock influences from Daughtry & Alter Bridge to Black Sabbath & Rush. The original storyline lyrics are set in sometimes ethereal & progressive style metal and then sometimes just simple, hard rock & blues. The lineup; founder Frank Clifton Herring on vocals, bass guitar and synths, Michael John Hoover on drums and Vlad Gurin on lead guitar are playing clubs, festivals and other events. Messenger recorded and then published their first CD together "I'm Talking To You". The bold message and quality musicianship Messenger puts out leaves no question that this is something different from anything else being done today. The later CD, 'You Choose' allowed Vlad more input in the music writing than the first. Paris Hollins, as Producer, worked with Messenger on the 'You Choose' CD as he was engineer and Co-producer on the first effort, "I'm Talking To You". Now Vlad and Frank venture into Co-Producing and engineering the new album that is in production. The many challenges they have experienced and discoveries they have made will make this a great record. The music, the musicianship, the melodies, the songwriting and growth are all a part of a larger effort to expand their audience and reach many with their songs. Hear the message of Messenger - for the Maker!