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Waves, sunsets, Pacific breezes, and adventures to unknown places. Lang resonates with those that rather have a backpack and a ticket to a new escape than a garage full of the latest and greatest. Those that prize friends like family and family like friends. Those that enjoy a warm bonfire on a secluded beach and are happy to have the deeper conversations of why we are here. “I rather have friends then fans on any given day”, says Lang. 
 Lang's sound captures the quintessential Baja Mexico moments set to an acoustic driven soundtrack. Silky vocals are threaded throughout songs that sit comfortably at home in the surf breaks of Todos Santos, his adopted hometown. His albums produced by Scott Mathews highlight heartfelt songwriting and simple but effective production much like the unpretentious surfer lifestyle that is intertwined in the lyrics. 
 “Tim Lang's sweet summer sound is straight heart-to-heart with a snap, crackle, and pop that treats the ear in a blend of acoustic and electric synergy. Brilliantly poetic lyrics set on a dazzling musical palette take me to the beach and outside the box of planet Earth." - Grammy-award winning Producer Scott Mathews