Mean Messiah


  1. 1.
    Divine Technology
  2. 2.
    Interment of Ashes/Hello Again!
  3. 3.
    The Beast
  4. 4.
    Blood of Sirens/The Call
  5. 5.
Mean Messiah is a band from Czech Republic formed by the talented multi-instrumentalist, musician and producer Dan Friml, formerly of legendary bands Sebastian and Apostasy and various projects across genres.
Dan is acclaimed music producer, sound and mixing engineer, working with many Czech high profile bands like Tortharry, Fleshless, Final Flag and many more.
Dan recorded debut Mean Messiah album himself in his recording studio and at a time of release, he started looking for suitable band mates because he really wanted to present Mean Messiah live. After several months of searching and rehearsing the line-up was complete and the band has started to play gigs in April 2014 with very positive feedback from the public because of the group’s spontaneity, forcibility and instrumental maturity of all members.
The band played the biggest festivals in Czech republic and Slovakia: Masters Of Rock, Czech Death Fest, Agressive Fest, Basinfirefest, Gothoom, Dead End just to name a few.
New album Divine Technology marks a natural step forward for the band and was released on May 5th 2020 via Slovak Metal Army and Dan's label The Barn Production.


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