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Basta! have been active for 5 years, and they are now known in the small but vital world of the Italian progressive. They began their career by winning the U-Festival in Tuscany and recording their first EP, “Oggetto di Studio", in 2012. After several live shows in their region and in Northern Italy (including a collaboration with Colorado Café’s comedians in Arezzo and a rock-classic live show with the Youth Orchestra of Valdarno), in 2015 they took part in one the most important progressive rock appointments of Italy, the “Ver1 2days Prog + 1 festival” (with Area and many more). At the same time, they started to record their first LP, “Elemento Antropico”, playing it in France in summer of 2016, at the Crescendo Festival (with IO Earth and many more). Recently they performed together with Franck Carducci at the Hard Rock Café in Florence. The music of the Basta! is hardly framable within the boundaries of the classic prog: it is an absolutely original instrumental rock, where, upon a traditional basis of a guitar, bass and drums, captivating melodies of unusual instruments (such as the melodica and the bass clarinet) are settled. On stage the band is very playful and absolutely engaging, offering a varied and energetic show»