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Matilda Gracia is a half Irish, half Spanish singer songwriter, musician and producer who describes her music as Self-help pop, “I like mixing catchy melodies with topics that matter, with the goal to connect and help people through music”. She is influenced by various genres including pop, soul, blues & singer-songwriter. Since moving to London there have been a few highlights for Matilda including supporting Spanish Indie rock band on a UK tour, performing in iconic venues such as Notting hill Arts club and Electric Ballroom, making a guest appearance on Andertons live sessions and working with record label Dreamscope media group, to name but a few. Since moving back to her hometown in Spain, Matilda has made creating music her top priority. She has been dedicated to working in her home studio to find the know how to express her music.

“I want more freedom and ability to express my thoughts through music, so that’s why I’m learning how to do it myself, plus I’m having so much fun in the process”. You can find Matilda on all the social media platforms as she embraces this new world by releasing her music.