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Casey Jo & The Friday Night Dads believe in the raw, screwed-up heart of rock ’n roll. It’s been knocked around, bought and sold, and filtered through a cutthroat ever-vigilant society time and time again. It’s been to hell and back, but it survives, just like the best of us. The Friday Night Dads tell the stories of everyday people, friends and enemies alike, with equal parts sincerity and irreverence, through gritted teeth and howls of love and frustration. Just like the characters in the songs, the music possesses a slightly neurotic but genuine energy that steps to the edge but never quite goes over. The band moves effortlessly between Americana, pop and garage-rock with an unparalleled confidence in the pure rock ’n roll form. There is no fame or fortune, no glitz or glam, that stuff doesn’t survive in these modern times. A true story survives, and we need it now more than ever. Casey Jo & The Friday Night Dads know how to tell it.