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TORTURE SQUAD was formed in São Paulo city in the early 90´s. Their technical and aggressive Death / Thrash Metal, can be heard in their releases: A Soul in Hell (demo 1993) Shivering (1995) Asylum Of Shadows (1999) The Unholy Spell (2001) Pandemonium (2003) Death, Chaos and Torture Alive (2004 –CD/DVD) Chaos Corporation (2006 – EP) Hellbound (2008) AEquilibrium (2010) Esquadrão de Tortura (2013) Possessed by Horror (2015 - EP) Coup d’ Étad Live (2015 – CD/DVD) Return of Evil (2016 – EP) Far Beyond Existence (2017) Their latest album “Far Beyond Existence” brings many special guests, such as Dave Ingram (HAIL OF BULLETS, former BENEDICTION and BOLT THROWER) in “Hate”; Edu Lane (NERVOCHAOS) in the narrative on “Cursed by Disease”; Luiz Louzada (VULCANO and CHEMICAL DESASTER) in “You Must Proclaim”; Alex Camargo (KRISIUN) in “Just Got Paid”, a tribute to the Texans from ZZ Top; Marcello Schevano (CARRO BOMBA, GOLPE DE ESTADO e CASA DAS MÁQUINAS), playing Hammond in the instrumental track “Torture in Progress” .