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Donna Zed made her first official steps into the world of music by releasing in 2017 her first acoustic EP Morphine, that she now describes to have been a “waive to teenage-hood”. The release caught the attention of Steven Wilson and Steve Hackett among other professional musicians. The titles evoke personal feelings and experiences expressed through sensitive and honest words. Enchanting piano sounds accompany Donna’s voices that are present and direct, with no artefact. This is the world that Donna offered us in 2017. Her music influences are very broad, combining a multitude of different musical genres, among which those of pop and rock, not to mention jazz or soul and even film music. 2019 is going to be an important year for Zed as she will be releasing her second EP and additional singles that altogether seek to broaden the listeners’ experience, as the music is more detailed and complex. Alongside the titles there will be visuals to better translate the meaning of the lyrics, which now take a social dimension. The project couldn’t have been made possible without the important contribution of Vikki Zamaros on the violin, Teo Ziga on bass, Victor Despland on drums, and Dominique Poinçot as the recording engineer. Her message is simple yet potent: express yourself in every aspect you want and be grateful for what you have; feel proud of yourself no matter what happens.