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Exciting Times Ahead For Monäva Monäva is a talented DJ & producer based out of Philadelphia and has a ton of upcoming music to share. “Playing With Fire” is out today on JackEL’s FVYDID, with “Higher Ground” due out on April 10th. Read on to learn Teddy’s story and excitement for the year ahead! Hey Teddy, thanks for joining us today! Can you please introduce yourself to our readers? When did you get your start with DJing and producing and how has your career progression been through your eyes? What's up 1001Tracklists, Teddy Lipson here! Known professionally as Monäva, I am a Philadelphia based DJ & producer. I got my start DJing in 2015 under the tutelage of DJ-KBNoize, a vinyl spinning junglist from the Boston area. Shortly after learning the DJ ropes, my energy shifted to everything house music and I began producing remixes. In 2016 I quit my job and attempted to DJ full time, and although rocky at first, I was able to find my footing and haven't looked back! My production skills have only developed to their current level in the last two years and I now own and operate Headliner Media LLC, a fully equipped music studio and multimedia production group. In the last 6 months I have been working exclusively with FVYDID Records and have released slamin' 3 singles! With guidance from label boss Jack Lozeron, my single "Playing With Fire" had a 7 day stay on the Beatport Future House Top 100 (hitting #67) and all three tracks are on the FVYDID Beatport Page Top 10.