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Hi, guten Tag and thanks for visiting us. We are a father and son electronic music duo living in Berlin.

We’ve just made an album called Ultra Mega which is out now. Ultra mega is street slang for something really awesome, like a good tofu burger. We can almost guarantee that Ultra Mega will be the best electronic/rap album you’ve ever heard made by an eight year old and his dad living in Berlin. We are singing songs about important things like climate change, our favourite food, mathematics, not wanting to go to school and stuff like that. Our first single, The World is Burning is an appeal to everyone to join together and tackle the climate emergency before it's too late. It features the amazing teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg. When we're not trying to change the world we can also be very silly for example on the song, We Are the Dumbheads. We plan on releasing a music video for each song so follow us on Facebook or Instagram to keep up to date. Thanks for reading this far and... tchüß! (That’s bye in German).