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TIX is indisputably Norway's biggest pop artist - he’s got the most streams, most number 1 hits, is the most debated and the most loved. But it hasn’t always been this way... The story of Andreas Haukeland, the boy behind the sunglasses and fake fur, began with an outsider. A diagnosis of Tourette's Syndrome with uncontrollable tics earned him the nickname "TIX" in middle school, and he was far from the centre of the party... if invited at all. Music became both an escape from loneliness and a way to feel included for young Andreas. He created an alternative personality with fur, headbands and sunglasses as a shield against the outside world, an armour that he could hide his tics behind. When he first started releasing music it quickly became clear that TIX had hit a nerve with the Norwegian people, and his ambitions grew in step with the success. 2020 was a turning point for TIX. With the whole of Norway behind him, he decided to reveal the man behind the sunglasses for the first time. He released the songs "Jeg Vil Ikke Leve" and "Tusen Tårer" in quick succession and both songs, in their own way, dealt with mental health, loneliness and feelings Andreas had carried since childhood. His vulnerability was immediately embraced by the fans, and TIX became a hero of sorts for many formerly excluded people in Norway. With the Norwegian Eurovision contribution "Fallen Angel", TIX debuts his first song in English, with his now trademark stories of loneliness and exclusion.