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L’Asset: A brisk, radiant, Dutch Art-synth-pop act that explores feelings through songs that stick in the mind, are phrased in lyrics that are honest and personal. With a slight eccentric touch L’Asset creates non-boxed music via her assets: The musicians, producers and other creators. With her unique, clear, Bowie-esque, Britpop-type voice she is vulnerable yet fierce. She sees every song as a piece of art and therefore every track is carefully crafted into a representation of L’Asset’s inner and outer world. With pointy vocals and a heartfelt attitude she finds her way through the textural, colourful, quirky environment of sounds and together with her partner in life and in crime Dillan Sondervan,

they fully produce all of her songs in-house. Inspired by big or seemingly small life-events, she writes and sings about her break-up, the let-go of things, finding love, feeling an intense urge to prove herself, finding overview again or in case of her lastest single ‘Nomad’; finding out what ‘home’ means to her. All very personal, and it represents her life story from song to song. Recently she was a guest in Giel Beelens Demo Donderdag and she got interviewed + airplay on national radio at 3FM. She teamed up with record label ‘Gentlemen Recordings’, there's an album scheduled for FALL '21 and she has a lot more arty songs up her sleeve. L'Ots of L'Ove, L'Asset X