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Makeshift3 is an American rock band founded in 1995 from San Diego, CA. The band specializes in a heady fusion of blistering metal and hook-filled pop punk with Blink-182 and Pantera as main influences. Their original name was just Makeshift due to using “makeshift” equipment in the early years, but later added the”3” forming Makeshift3 because of legal issues similar to Blink-182 adding the “182”. Makeshift3 have also been on multiple national tours, earned a spot on the Vans Warped Tour, and have played shows with MxPx, Bad Religion, Lagwagon, New Found Glory, NOFX, Good Charlotte, Alkaline Trio, American Hi-Fi, Anti-Flag, Thrice, Slick Shoes, Dogwood, Project 86, etc. They have been featured in magazines, online interviews, ESPN, TV shows, along with radio play worldwide. Album releases include “Bug Bombs” in 1996, “Mission Possible” in 1997 (EP), “Fuel for Life” in 1999, “Game Day” in 2001, and “Fluorescent Black” in 2005. Makeshift3 has recorded with Grammy Award Winning Engineer Dusk Bennett, Emmy Award winning producer/editor Andy Tolley, and Jeff Forrest (engineered Blink-182’s Chesire Cat album). They’ve also released songs with many record labels (Tooth & Nail Records, New School Records, etc.) for many compilation CD’s featuring Thrice, NOFX, Thursday, Yellowcard, Strung Out, Good Riddance, & Slick Shoes.