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Hey Folks, it's Zach Heckendorf 🤙🏼 I started making music when I was 10 years old and haven't stopped since. It's my favorite way to express myself because I'm able to share the fruits of my inner adventures with others, both through the recordings and live performance. I have big aspirations for my music career, not only for egoic purposes (although I'm sure that plays a role), but because I love performing and connecting with people. It's the best. What else? I was born and raised in Colorado, and very proud of that. I grew up in the mountains and frequently feel the calling to go back. I love forests. I love trees. I love plants of all types. I like to start my mornings with coffee, a good book, and some journaling. Something that might not be obvious about me from my music is that I love good dance music. I'm currently working on my Ableton and DJ'ing skills. This is starting to sound like the bio for a dating app... Well, I hope this tells you something about me that you didn't already know. Appreciate you stopping by. Lot's o' love ❤️ Zach