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Hip-hop whores and insidious indie rock idiots pee their panties in fear! All those so-called bearded bad boys of butt rock cower in abject terror when he enters the room. Soundsational Sence in the building! Yet like Elvis when he leaves said building all the real excitement has gone and boredom is the oh-so sad outcome. So you have taken the red pill and have nowhere to go? Do you need to exercise your demons? Do they refuse to go? Well Hoss we here at Team Sense feel its high time you could use the proverbial pick me up. Whether it's his mad rhymes, multi-instrumental prowess (led by his ceaseless drumming aptitude) or uncanny means to philosophize at the right moments in will feel what you do to find nirvana on this righteous path...guaranteed! Now some of you uniformed dupes wonder if Soundsational is the hyper-sensational emblem of all engulfing midevil?! To the contrary the world in its current state can never have enough real heros so stop believing those capital lies, fool! With Sense in charge even you sad self effacing beta mouth breathers out there will sling a TKO tonight and thus will always be getting laid. Is he batshit crazy? Maybe. What makes a great rapper? A great musician? With peerless scrotal gusto to spare, maximum musical catharsis, and magnanimous sentiment at the ready it appears Soundsational Sense is well on his way to victory, bitches! I'm Death Metal Douglas and I wholly approve this message!