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Following a serendipitous meeting with Producer, Raz Koren, at the Drake Hotel in Toronto, we headed into Dream House Studio just off Queen Street to make “HISTORY”. Over the next 24 months, and with the profound contributions of Raz Koren (Producer & Arranger), Calvin Hartwick (Recording Engineer), Clifton David Broadbridge (Mixing Engineer), Joao Carvalho (Mastering Engineer), and our incredibly talented roster of musicians including Chris Pruden (Keys & Acoustic Piano), Mathieu Rousseau (Bass), Raz Koren (Electric Guitar), Mike Boyd (Drums), Trevor Yearwood (Percussion), Alexis Baro, Braxton Raymond & Nebyu Yohannes (Horns), Buffy Vanderbuhrn, Sophie Berkal-Sarbit & Miranda Di Perno (Background Vocals), Aaron Goldstein & Adrian Cooke (Pedal Steel), Frank Evens (Banjo), Ben Plotnick (Fiddle), Emily Hau, Ann Atkinson, Amanda Penner & Alex McMaster (Strings), Jason Apostle (Piano), Elliott Gwynne & David Haskett (Bass), we made the record I've always wanted to make. 
 Following the album's release in February 2018, we won that years International Acoustic Music Award for the #1 Bluegrass song, "Porch Song", and I got to meet the one & only Eddie Kramer in Clifton's studio! 
 My love of the Blues, fiddling & picking, beautiful harmonies, string quartets and some straight-up Country all come together on this record. Turn it up, have a listen, I'll grab a pick and see you out there... Thank you, Steve Sofferin