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Refined through years of pageantry, and interlaced with a glittering sense of style, Alicia G embodies the world of pop-culture to the brink. Alicia Kristina Guastaferro cultivated her career in Buffalo, New York, being a classically trained vocalist from age eight. What made her stand out was her love of pageantry and dance, as well. In fact, at fifteen years old, Alicia had traveled the United States competing in beauty contests since eleven months of age. When she wasn’t learning music, or living the beauty queen life, her love of cheerleading and academic studies were prominent. Currently, Alicia G has been gearing up for the launch of her new single, “It’s Little But It Jiggles.” Produced by Andrew Lane, as well, the intoxicating rap track will be distributed by InGrooves/Universal, making it Alicia G’s debut record on a major recording label. When released as a promotional music video,”It’s Little But It Jiggles” received more than 1.4 million views in five days, putting it on the heat list for new music. Alicia G 👑