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Montezuma is more than 'making beats'. Montezuma takes you on a musical journey. Dark techno, refreshing drums and percussion, melodic instruments that touch the soul and a good portion of mysticism: that's what makes Montezuma's sound. The music transports you into trance-like states, takes you to remote places and seduces you into a world of totally unique sonic spheres. What started as a loose thought in a child's room has become a passionate project. Merten Schicht is the drive without which no gearwheel would turn. Without his fine feeling for sounddesign and his technical finesse the tracks wouldn't be shaped in the first place and able to enter the red carpet on various music platforms. Each project starts in Merten's small "home studio", as it is lovingly called - the place where Adam Boddien, Fabian Mono, Malte Grasse and Maurice Haase complete Montezuma's musical component. There is a lot of experimentation and moving back and forth, but also learnt instruments like a dancing saxophone, explosive djembés, guitar, flute, didgeridoo or a dreamy spacedrum have their place in order to create Montezuma's own style. As said before, there is more than just 'making beats'. Montezuma is a collective work that expresses a whole feeling. 
 Artwork: Richard Prugger Social Media: Antonio Böttner