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2014, Jasmin Bayer met composer and pianist Davide Roberts, starting collaboration. Together they worked on their first compositions, played their first gigs in Munich. She founded her jazz formation Jasmin Bayer & Band with Davide Roberts (piano), Peter Tuscher (trumpet), Markus Wagner (bass) and Christos Asonitis (drums). In 2016 she published her debut album “Summer Melodies”, enja Records Matthias Winckelmann. Her second album “The Green Unicorn”, enja Records was published 10/26/2018. "Merry Christmas Baby", Timezone records will be released 10/29/2021, a Christmas Jazz album containing 17 songs full of Christmas spirit. Jasmin Bayer (voc) Florian Brandl (trp, flh) Davide Roberts (p) Christos Asonitis (d) Markus Wagner (b)