Age Coin

Age Coin is an experimental techno/industrial duo from Denmark, consisting of Kristian Emdal and Simon Formann, both former members of heavy post-punk band Lower.

Their recordings as Age Coin typically layer unsettling noises over cold, throbbing beats, with tracks typically sprawling over an entire side of a cassette or LP. They first began releasing tapes in 2011, starting with Measure, which appeared on Posh Isolation, one of Copenhagen's most prolific and acclaimed underground labels. The 2012 cassette Perceptions was issued on vinyl by Luke Younger's Alter label in 2013. Following two volumes of Hard Knit in 2014, Age Coin went on hold for a while, as Formann released solo material as Yen Towers and Emdal participated in groups Olymphia and Marching Church. Age Coin returned in early 2017 with Performance, their most focused release yet. ~ Paul Simpson, Rovi

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