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Originally adopting an acoustic alternative genre, Rise and Run, formed in 2007. Though it took a few jam sessions before they hit their stride, Rise and Run came to be defined by high-flying vocals (Gregory Winningham) and tight harmony between guitar (Chance Rollins) and piano (Drew Winningham). After honing a few covers of their favorite songs, the group competed in several Battle of the Bands competitions in 2007 and 2008, winning all of them. In summer of 2013, Rise and Run met with guitarist (Zach Martin,) and drummer (Austin Walker) to join the emerging group, resulting in new music that was a finessed balance of of rhythm and rock. In Fall of 2015, Rise and Run began the journey of independently producing and recording their debut album “Isaac.” Produced by Darren Elder (The Wrecking) and Kevin Billingslea at the Halo Studio in Windham, Maine, “Isaac” became Rise and Run’s introduction to the music industry. 
 Mid 2016, Rise and Run brought in drummer (Micah Martin) and Austin Walker adopted Bass/Vocals. In July of 2017, Isaac was officially released. Rise and Run spent their summer playing festivals such as Soulfest, River Rock, and opening for nationally acclaimed artists such as Unspoken, Meredith Andrews, and Phillips, Craig, and Dean. 
 In early 2018, Rise and Run returned to the Halo Studio with bright vision, showcasing their musical growth and relevance with two new singles, 'Constantly' and 'Fantasy & Fiction.'