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Brazilian artist born in São Paulo. Co-owner of a record label/party collective called Gop Tun that also organizes a festival called Xama that happens around new years eve. I have always been a big enthusiast of the electronic music scene, and most of the people I love I met in the club (If you get a hug...). At the moment I'm breathing and getting to know new people and music in Portugal, Lisbon. Talking about music: slightly more House, Disco, Dub/Reggae plus Ambient but still open for relationships. As a DJ and performing, my name is TYV, and I am always willing that the party is the best place to be. A dancefloor must be inclusive, intimist, and respectful so people can relax and feel comfortable having any kind of experience. I don't feel like a showman, so I'm there most of the time dreaming and connecting with the crowd, playing a soundtrack that fits that moment. Aa producer, I made a debut EP in 2017 called Miau! And have some upcoming releases. Sometimes i like to get a bit artsy doing live shows a tad experimental. Some shows are very into the unknown plus we meet on the other side. Everything connects as a promoter; for me is an opportunity to build the whole atmosphere since the layout, scenography, lights, sound system, and communication can change the experience depending on what kind of music that will play and what kind of artists will perform.