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"Close your eyes, listen ... and realize that you are witnessing an epic battle between good and evil. You have just set foot in the world of Magic O Metal! ". This adventure takes place in The Metal Dimension; a fictional world in which music literally comes to life. Every metal track written on Earth enriches The Metal Dimension with new creatures, landscapes and other marvels that we can only dream of on Earth. The Metal Dimension is in grave danger. Picu, the leader and protector of this world, takes on his nemesis IcePick. IcePick has the ability to steal music. This allows him to create creatures that can get rid of Picu once and for all. If IcePick comes to power, it would mean the end of The Metal Dimension. Picu realizes he needs the help of Alex and Lexie, two very talented and musical twins here on Earth. Magic O Metal is the multi-media project of former After Forever guitarist and songwriter Sander Gommans and his companions Scott Wenmakers (illustrator) and Menno Kappe (Graviton Music Services and former Roadrunner Records employee). Not a dark world and rage-laden lyrics, but a story and concept that is easily transferable to all generations and incites enthusiasm to explore the world of metal music.