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Born in the flatlands of Texas and raised in the jungles of South America, Jonathan Seale was dubbed "Son of Cloud" as a child by the Yukpa indigenous tribe of Venezuela. He now lives and works in Brooklyn where he writes songs, directs music videos, and produces albums via his production company and recording studio Mason Jar Music. A statement from the artist on Notes to Self: This past year was the darkest and most difficult year of my life. While dealing with an unexpected personal tragedy, I processed much of my grief through songwriting. Many of these songs will go on to comprise my next studio album (also coming late 2020) - but an equal number of them felt most appropriate in their original form: as lo-fi voice memos on my iPhone. I shared these voice memos with some of my favorite musicians as well as the beautiful people of Project Home Dance - and together we built the project into something that I believe is very special. It’s a bit on the sad side (apologies to those who come to my music seeking hope and inspiration; I promise there is also an album coming for you!) but I hope and believe it will provide a space for others who also need to process difficult periods in their life. We’ll be rolling the visuals out one by one on instagram and youtube over the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more, and please accept my genuine and heartfelt gratitude for your support of my music.