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Hannelunder is the formation focused around Hannes Oud. It’s characterized by its original songwriting. From absurd/humorous to deeply sentimental, abstract and distant topics to those that lie closest to the heart are covered and enveloped in a sound which moves between folk and antifolk. Another characteristic feature is the common theme of animals, whether they’re used as a metaphor or costumes. In 2018 Hannelunder had a concert in a llama barn, full of llamas and alpacas which were looking over the band as they played “Hannelunder Llama Day”. In the completely self-produced Debut EP “Breakfast” (2017), the most popular song, “Seashell” focuses on a shell, which in the result of an oil spill looses its friends (B-Shell & D-Shell). On the other hand the EP also features a sentimental song, “Losing It”, about Hannes’ father’s Parkinson’s disease. Hannes also produces a wonderfully ludicrous news program on Youtube called “Hannelunder World News”, and “educational” videos, among other about how to distinguish a llama from a t-rex.