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In a world addicted to simplicity, Eldafyre seeks to inspire others to take a road less travelled. A musical-stylist and poet, Eldafyre sends out a euphoric melancholia infused with a compassionate love. With influences ranging from Patti Smith, Rodriguez and Melanie Safka, Eldafyre is righteous in his approach to the sublime, sharing stories that elate the listener and elevate art as an integral conduit of change. The same emotional depth and conviction that came to prominence during the 1950-1970s in New York. Eldafyre splits his time within the northern rivers of NSW or deep in the mountains near Melbourne. This spread of country and influence encourages his desire to give light to the complexity of living, to lead by example in sharing the feelings and thoughts most would shy away from. Eldafyre’s personal resolve and ultimate power is the core attribute he aspires to nurture in all of us through his music. Once the dust settles there is an openness and generosity to be explored. Invitations to lose yourself in the rhythm, harmony and fervent energy arise in every song. Eldafyre will warm you up and welcome you into a world of safe self-expression, a world where Eldafyre is waiting to welcome you.