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My name is Alain Yelle. I'm an independent, solo musician from Ontario, Canada. The music is largely lyric-driven, downtempo, melodic, and typically comprises drums, guitars and synthesizers. I also engineer all my own work, borrowing heavily from hip-hop and electronic music production techniques. I record and design a lot of my own sounds and instruments, but I also don't shy away from the use of samples. To some extent, I'm less interested in a natural sound than that which can be achieved with the use of technology. For instance, I have a fairly bright voice, in a narrow tenor range, and I like to effect it in various ways to change its character. An existential theme runs through my music that is stoic and irreverent. I may pose as a pessimist by aesthetic choice, but the contradiction lies in the fact that I choose to create. "We are the most privileged people in human history, objectively, and yet people are spending all of their time on Earth hurling pixels at one another. I find it a very strange use of people's time." -Bari Weiss (Writer, The New York Times) I felt the pairing of words perfectly encapsulated the modern, absurdist, moral melee. But they also aligned, metaphorically, with my interests in technology and psychology. What is a good use of our time? For me, it is making music. The only endeavor that has ever had any underlying meaning. The one thing that I am compelled to do no matter how useless or strange—like hurling pixels.