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Australian-born and LA-based multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer, Saint Rien, presides over a sonic cocktail of nocturnal neo-soul, sarcastic alternative, and hip pop provocations. In high school, he joined the Australian Post-Hardcore sensation Storm the Sky as frontman and emerged as the key songwriter. Putting up millions of streams, and earning the endorsement of Rolling Stone, among other publications. As they parted ways in 2019, he turned his attention towards a dormant ambition. Inspired by everyone from Frank Ocean and Tyler, The Creator to Thom Yorke and Jeff Buckley, He slept on couch cushions on the floor of his friends’ recording studio for 6 months learning how to produce and built what would become Saint Rien. In 2021, he puts this plan into motion with ‘L’année'. A brazen 12 singles over 12 months. Surveying struggles with substance abuse, depression and anxiety as well as the ups and downs of relationships, he illustrates personal and relatable experiences effortlessly. Saint Rien has a Bowie-esque mystique, clearly felt throughout the filmic soundscapes he creates. He makes seemingly far apart genres merge effortlessly. An exciting and ever-evolving artist, Saint Rien masterfully explores the art of song-craft and composition in his music, (usually written, produced and arranged by himself). Confidently starting this post-pandemic era with a mission to share his vision as an artist with the world.