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Cailee Rae

Cailee Rae

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About this artist

Posted By Cailee Rae

Cailee Rae is a refreshingly atypical pop artist. Rather than court “likes” and followers, she is true to herself as she delivers uplifting messages about self-acceptance, positivity, and honesty.

The importance of those qualities became clear to Cailee within the last few years, as she navigated the choppy waters of social media fame. At 14, she launched her music career by posting covers on Vine and Instagram and quickly racked up followers, thanks to her sparkling voice and fresh-faced charisma.

In 2016, Cailee released her debut EP of original music, ‘Overthinking,’ featuring the well-received single “Anchor,” which she wrote about overcoming her need to please others and the realization that the only person who could save her from the emptiness she felt was herself.

Giving herself permission to be entirely authentic led Cailee to write “Deeper,” a song where she watches old lovers “disappear to nothing / disposable as chewing gum” and declares that she’s “not saying I’m some genius / But I’m smart enough to know I’m worth fighting for.” “The song is really about those deeper relationships that really impact you in a different way than those with people who just are in and out,” she says. “I want people to hear it and say, ‘Who in my life right now is just not worth it?’”

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