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Ermanna Montanari, actress, author and set designer, founder and artistic director of the Teatro delle Albe (1983) with M. Martinelli. For her itinerary of vocal and musical research she has received prestigious acknowledgements: Ubu Prize; Golden Laurel-Mess Festival; Lo straniero Prize “dedicated to the memory of Carmelo Bene”; Eleonora Duse Prize; Critics' Award-ANCT; VDIG Award. In 2011 she signed the artistic direction of the international Festival of Santarcangelo. In 2017 she wrote with Martinelli the subject of the film Vita agli arresti di Aung San Suu Kyi, in which she is also the leading actress and which premiered at the BiograFilm Festival. She wrote several books including the volume Miniature Campianesi (Oblomov) 2017. In 2012 it was published the biography Ermanna Montanari: fare-disfare-rifare nel Teatro delle Albe by L. Mariani (Titivillus, ita/eng) and in 2017 Quodlibet published Acusma Figura e voce nel teatro sonoro di Ermanna Montanari (ita/eng) by E. Pitozzi. As for her work on the voice, essays have been published by E. Pitozzi (Culture Teatrali), M. Sciotto (Scenari), M. De Giorgi (Revista Brasileira de Estudos da Presença), D. Visone (Acting Archives Review), L. Van Goethem (Alternatives théâtrales), along with CDs L'Isola di Acina and Ouverture Alcina (RT), La Mano and Rosvita (Luca Sossella ed.). | | | | |