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Welcome music listener, to my page where information about me shall cascade into your eyes and ears! I'm a woman in music and boy that’s a trip - we’ll save that for later over a drink? I come from the north west of England

A small town by the sea and there it was I started writing songs at 17. Two albums since fell out of my brain receiving what some call ‘critical acclaim’ (and to my delight, i met thousands of beautiful people to play them songs in venues around the World) Hello from my lab of music creation Alchemy alchemy - a practice in patience. An album, my third, is almost complete Soon tumbling into cities, down every street. In the meantime I thank you sincerely and true for getting this far, almost all the way through! For the love of good music and happiness too, I’m singing and singing, and singing, are you? Bye for now…. but not for long. Rae Morris, 2020 a poem (not a song)