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Suffolk-Essex based sinner-songwriter and guttural gospeller, the Rev’d Matthew Simpkins’s music is an unholy brew of outlandish tunefulness, string-snapping fingerpicking, and sanctified psychedelia.

Before he was ordained an Anglican priest, Matt gained notoriety through his raucous and melodious exploits in Fuzzface, his heavy-weight hollering in gospel fiddle duo Sons of Joy, a pair of audacious Rev Simpkins LPs - 'Babbler & Crow' and 'Lions', and through collaborating with Kenney Jones of the Small Faces to reconstruct the orchestral parts of their 1968 psychedelic masterpiece Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake. Written around a time of illness experienced by him and Phantom Notes’ drummer James De’ath, the Rev's forthcoming LP 'Big Sea' is an exuberant celebration of the peaks and troughs of life and death through off-kilter songs about east coast creeks, shattering storms, mystic pelicans and the Colchester martyrs.