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Hardcore band from Bolzano, Italy. Active since 1999, performed through these years all across Europe. At date the Album released are 7: The Sky, The Earth, Rising from a Burning Desease, Face the Truth, One Life to Fight, Our Reality, Live.Love.Burn.Die The band´s line-up is formed by Pav (voice), Marmo (rhythm guitar), Migue (lead guitar), Divi (bass) and Dave (drums). Follow us on the main social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Twitter, VK, Telegram) at GreenArrowsHC and visit our Webpage  The band is officially endorsed by: Black Arrows, Black Legion, H8nest, Pride France, Start Today & SvaStone. Go on their page and check their amazing clothes. North America official dealer (merch, CDs, Vinyls.....): Our Fight Co. Dave is officially endorsed by Soultone Cymbals