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Newest album, "Let's Go, Pistachio!" will release on January 29, 2021!Kelli Welli - Writing songs and stories for kids and the people who love them. Drawing on her unique upbringing and often inspired by the kids and animals in her life, Kelli Welli’s wide ranging songwriting is smart, fun, often hilarious, sometimes reflective and deeply sweet. Always genuine. Her original songs and lullabies weave wonderful tales, celebrate love, sunshine, nature, different languages, and honor all the details that come with raising these amazing little people in our lives. Kelli’s been called, “hysterical and superbly talented” by fellow artists and parents often say, “This is music I can actually listen to over and over… and over… and still enjoy!” The Portland, OR based artist shares tidbits from her life as a new mom, with songs she and her twins actually use to learn, encourage, and just have fun together. Kelli has a Master of Publishing degree and a B.A. in Speech Communication with minors in Japanese and German.

After working for Harper's Magazine in NYC, she returned to Portland, Oregon, where she started a corporate publishing business, while constantly writing songs and stories of her own. Kelli studied speech-level singing with The Voice Project and was a board member of the Portland Songwriters Association for 8 years. She's currently a member of West Coast Songwriters, Nashville Songwriters Association (NSAI), Children's Music Network, TAXI, and SCBWI.