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The Dreebs have been making music in New York since 2009. Guitarist Jordan Bernstein had just devised a prepared setup involving nails, alligator clips, and other items sourced from the hardware store that yielded a range of thick, resonant, harsh, and often contrasting beautiful tones. He began experimenting with violinist/vocalist Adam Markiewicz, and the two wrote a series of far-ranging, uncategorizable pieces, releasing the work on debut cassette Dreeb America in late 2009. Over the next couple years they would find a home in the Brooklyn noise rock community, adding drummer Shannon Sigley in 2011 and pushing their unique compositional style to observe the realms of current heavy music while staying true to their specific sound palette. The music of this period encompassed an unconventional wide-ranging approach that borrowed equally from churning hardcore music, soaring opera, and outside pop music and was entirely specific to The Dreebs. Over the next few years, the group released two full LPs, 2011's The Dreebs The Dream (via Justin Frye of PC Worship's short-lived Kreephaus imprint) and 2012's Bait an Orchard (released by Chicago drummer Kyle Reynolds' prolific Rotted Tooth). For the most part, 2013's shorter, rather mellow one-sided LP Humiliation (Company Etc) marked a slight departure from a previously more aggressive sound.