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Conner Eko is an emerging indie synth pop singer-songwriter in the Bay Area, California. His debut single and music video, “SINK”, released on August 3, 2021. 
Eko participated in other musical projects as a singer-songwriter, but has been away from music for seven years. During this time away, he spent time as a high school science teacher, and recently began working on a PhD in astrophysics. He studies planets around other stars and thinks about the idea of life elsewhere in the universe. Although his science pursuits are exciting, the hiatus away from music/songwriting deeply affected him and increased his struggles with a lifelong battle with depression. In March 2021, everything changed when a serendipitous accident gave Eko a traumatic brain injury, which led to developing post-concussion syndrome and an increase in depression and other health problems. Forced to take a leave of absence from his PhD and other activities, he found solace and healing in music. With writing and playing music being one of the few things that he could do that wouldn’t result in headaches and other concussion symptoms, Eko began to craft new songs and completed his debut, SINK. He's currently working on an album featuring music to tell his own personal story, and include philosophical themes and metaphors relating to humanity and our place in the cosmos. He plans to record this effort in the fall 2021 while he recovers from his injury and hopes to release the debut album in early 2022.