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Mathew Jacob Parker Aka Bad Boii Jacob, is an American singer/songwriter, rapper, producer, model and artist from Gainesville, FL. He began his music career playing trumpet in school bands, and later writing songs on piano in high school. Inspired by various artists like Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Madonna, Frank Sinatra, Major Lazer, Grandmaster Flash, Alanis Morissette, Sublime and Rihanna, Matthew has crafted a sound and style of his own which is reflected in his recordings. Through classical training from Kevin Robert Orr & Roberta Swedien, he landed roles in musical theater productions, Anything Goes, Peter Pan and Anne Frank, and at 19, moved to Los Angeles, California in hopes of furthering his music career. Matthew soon signed to an independent Orlando-based label in 2013 but left a year later, choosing to independently release his debut album, Noiz via social media. He began performing at local Florida venues, busking on street corners and train stations around the United States and creating music videos under the moniker, thecartuneman; of which Trippin' on You recieved over 30,000 views in its first month of release. Since releasing his debut album in 2014, Matthew has composed, produced and released five more studio albums, the rap/r&b Bad Boi EP which was featured with its accompanying single Canteloupe in ‘As Good As it Gets’ blog, and continues to produce music and content for his brands and music label, Cartune Man Records.