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    Sudut Tribun - MYSS
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    Sledgehammered to Obedience
  4. 4.
    Bloody Mary
  5. 5.
    Female Nose Breaker
Basically the abbrevation FNB is free to choose for what it stands for.
“Fast n’ Brutal” certainly describes best the Music! Brutal Death Metal in a mix of high speed blasts and devestating groove and slam.
“Furious Nefarious Beasts” fits to the content of the lyrics, which adress the societal and personal abysses the human animal tries to cover.
“Friends n’ Bash” captures why we are contributing to the worlwide Music scene. FNB was founded in 2006 by Gabriel Friedli (Guitar, Vocals) and Cyrill Jucker (R.I.P. Drums) as Female Nose Breaker. The provocating name had a satyrical, provocational purpose, should symbolise the destruction of aesthetics and - let's be honest - was the result of a night getting shitfaced. FNB soon played several shows in Switzerland and Europe including Mountains of Death Open Air and Moscow Deathfest. In 2010 Cyrill got diagnosed with brain cancer of which he died in 2014. During this period, the project and its new songs where on ice. Catalogue of cruelty, featuring 4 new songs with session drummer Pascal Ruppen (Amagortis), was the attempt to release a collection of old and new songs while Cyrill still was able to influence the music. The Band abbreviated the Name to FNB in 2017. People are often too dumb to get satyr and the band needed some fresh wind. Keeping the old but also reinventing itself, FNB is now life and active than never before, toured through the UK and is almost done writing a new release.


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