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Roberto Brandi was born in Florence (Italy). When he began to play guitar in his early teenage years he was self taught but then moved to a more professional approach in his late teens. His style and his type of music revolved around folk – country – alt country – rock scene. Music Career 1990/2020 present .Past Collaborations: Livio Guardi (Tom Russell,Dave Alvin) Max Bronx(Vasco Rossi,Steve Sylvester,Shabby Trick) Nicola Serena(Marco Masini,Carlo Conti,Leonardo Pieraccioni,Interno 31,Whisky Trail) Alex "Boom" Olmastroni(Rockin Sound Machine,Wild Horses,Purple Sucker Deep Purple Tribute Band) Bands: Wild Horses (Rock),Dead Flowers (Rock), Hallelujah Jordan (Italian rock) Wild Angels (hard rock),Perizoma(Rock Blues) ,Mala Strana(Rock). Tv Shows,Radio,Fashion,Music Live Shows,CD's: Sanremo Famosi-(Festival Live Music Show) Tu come noi (Italian Tv R.A.I.)-Pippo Baudo, Karaoke (Italian Tv Mediaset ITALIA 1) -Fiorello ,Official CD Rock Contest-.International Battle of the Bands(Roberto Brandi,Irene Grandi,Dirotta su Cuba,Ginevra Di Marco,Orla,Alessandro Nutini /ESP,Francesco Sighieri,Pio Stefanini/Brain Damage,Jacopo Meille/Mad Mice) and many more.. CD promo: Cover Man (2006) New Projects 2015/2020: First Official debut CD's,LP's..