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There’s a whole lot to like about this band: the leader’s risk-taking and gratifyingly solid playing; the guitarist’s seemingly endless sonic invention; a muscular horn section able to deliver precision without sacrificing sound. The improvising is thoroughly convincing, but the real star here is the ensemble and the music itself: Aichinger’s compositions are dense without being busy, complex and quirky but not alienating. Each piece guides the listener with a steady hand along the paths conceived by the composer. Aichinger’s inspiration comes largely from current societal developments, particularly our ongoing negotiation with new technologies – and these ideas find their way into the pieces as well; glitchy electronic effects from guitar and trumpet (!) are woven seamlessly into the music, as if to say yes, it’s a weird new world, but we may yet make our peace with it. In short, AHL6 has created a world of sound all its own –

urgent, packed with surprises and open in heart and mind. - py Thomas Liesinger – trumpet, fx Robert Schröck – alto saxophone Leonhard Skorupa – tenor saxophone, clarinet Markus W. Schneider – electric guitar, fx Tobias Pöcksteiner – upright bass Lukas Aichinger – drums, composition