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Hi, I’m Nick. I’m an Australian singer-songwriter now living in Cornwall, UK. I won’t pretend this has been written by a third party… it’s me, hey! I’ve been writing songs since I picked up a guitar aged 8, I thought that’s what everybody did. I’m introspective in style, and am continuously bamboozled as to how a song is written and where it comes from. The more I write, the murkier the origin becomes. I released an album in 2020 called ‘Brontide’. It was a huge process that led me to work with producer James Bunton (Toronto, Canada) who is now one of my closest friends and collaborators. Since lockdown started we’ve been working remotely and have a bunch of singles ready to release through out 2021. My expectations have never been more realistic. Write, record, release. Anything else that crops up along the way is a bonus. Thanks for reading this far. Nick