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Capitalism – Curse or Blessing? Modern entertainment electronics? Only good? Only bad? Something in between? The one who presents his point of view most dogmatically should perhaps be the least listened to, but if good questions are asked well, it is worth something. Especially when it comes to the life of your soul. Even though you are dealing with the same questions as many others, you can still feel very alone. But when these questions crash into your consciousness carried by an orchestrally-rocky dark wave of buzzing bass and gently creaking synths and asked by a clear voice, then ... you are listening to music by Hope Will Lead. “The Vienna-based ensemble, fronted by singer Carina Stockinger, makes bold and emotive alternative melancholy pop. Sometimes appearing in the shape of rousing orchestral ballads, at other moments electronic atmospheres reminiscent of London Grammar.” – Metropole Magazine Vienna. More info & dates: www.hopewilllead.com