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Prang. Yorkshire-born, London-based, making tunes out of a one-room flat in the 'Balhamas'. Sounds inspired by modern r&b, soul, and decades of guitar music to create music that's relaxed, positive, and heartfelt. Prang came together as a project through relentless Covid-19 lockdown. In December 2020, Prang released Salt, his first full-length album and a product of lessons learned through 2 EPs (Wet and Shadows) earlier in the year. Salt tackles themes of regret and acceptance, and facing your demons head-on. Mid-2021, Prang announced his second album. More upbeat, more energetic, but more refined, it charts growth and the search for satisfaction, through both its lyrics and music. Lead single Haunting's heavy groove and solid guitar work continue Prang's efforts to meld his varied influences into 3 minutes of catchy, listenable satisfaction.