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Salento composer, pianist and lover of electronics, sampled sounds that blend with the melodies of the Mediterranean. His musical career is studded with multifaceted experiences, in line with his curious spirit. After various musical experiences that lead him to play various styles, including balkan and funky, he approaches the world of electronic music, without abandoning the sounds of the piano, indeed: he makes it a winning vehicle. This is where it finds its connotation, its comfort zone: Acoustic and electronic piano, analog synths and pedal boards. It is placed in Neoclassical music, between jazz and modernity in search of that sound that makes it recognizable and unmistakable. Epic, sweet and captivating atmospheres, intense and poignant melodies resting on warm and enveloping sound carpets. An intense and explosive mix with forays into dubstep and progressive. Always looking for new sounds and experiments. His new solo piano work is out, a return to origins. Experiments here that focus on the piano to which he managed to give a particular sound, with real artifices.