Puro Instinct

In June 2010, having previously released the shimmering, dreamy Something About the Chaparrals EP and "Slivers of You" 7" under the name Pearl Harbor, Los Angeles-born sisters Piper and Skylar Kaplan decided to rename their project Puro Instinct.

The Puro Instinct 12" release on Gloriette was a transition period for the group, from a musical perspective as well as an identity one. With artwork taking inspiration from early 20th century Russian Constructivism, the 12" -- which included the previously released "Slivers of You" and "California Shakedown," as well as a cover of Leland's "I've Got Some Happiness" -- featured Soviet-sounding synths and often chose to replace the sun-soaked feel of previous tracks such as "LUV Goon" with a deliberately uniform but no less affecting sound. Opener "Can't Take You Anywhere" is a perfect example of this, with Piper's vocals ominously reverberating around Skylar's hypnotic guitar lines before slightly-out-of-time drums enter the mix to add a sense of unease to proceedings. In August 2010, Puro Instinct began work on their first full-length release. The results, 2011's Headbangers in Ecstasy, featured a smoother sound than their previous work. ~ Daniel Clancy, Rovi

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